I only want to live each day remembering you, the Days that We have, have gotten and more to come.

I want to have Children with You as well. Our children will learn what You have left Us. A Legacy that Worth Living.

I only see Our Love in Our Children. They are embracing You and Me with Joy and Happiness that They learn to Have and Hold. How cute the Little Children Plays Around With The Love They Have Received. From Their Parents and Grandparents, and Each Other. Like A Toy They first received!

I want to thank You for Giving Me the Opportunity to Love Life Rapidly. Life doesn’t come once in a lifetime. They last and have been left there, waiting to be discovered and share!

I want to release the negative thoughts that could befall Me. The Temple of Our Truth, Love and Life. I don’t wish to receive and retain Bad Thoughts. Which Is What I do with Your Goodness. I try to cast and ignore bad thoughts that could come between Us.

A House is Not Worth if it Contains and or Surrounded Bad Thing. There are no Bad Things Here. You can come and Be with me. God only created things for Good out of His Goodness. And I don’t see that He tolerates Bad Things either.

I am sorry if You think I was Mad At You over anything. I was never Mad at You. There is nothing You can do that is Bad to Me.

You Love Me and You Only Give Me Good Things.

I only come to cleanse myself and those that come to me; not as a suffering but an enlightenment and celebration in time. I cherish the present, even though it can change and be visited. But They are so Precious to Me. Especially since My Children Are Living With Them.

I live Each Days to Be With You Always and Forever. To Be in Time together and forever.

To Love. To Share. To Cherish. To Embrace with You and Our Family With Our Children. And then to Other People.

I cannot wait to have another Happy Wedding with You and The People that We Share.

And Live Our Life. Cherish Our Love. And Embrace Our Company in Each Other. And Share Our Happy Time with Our Children and Family.

Thank you.


God has a plan for us. We are here to have more faith in Him and be joyful with each other. So that every day is a celebration with God. And we don’t come to life with confusion and misanthropy. We should enjoy what we have abundantly with many happiness.

God wants His children to be good and in harmony with Him.

We are come to welcome good things that give us and pray for the bad things that we happen to face in our daily life. We should have good company as a thanks to God. And forget that that trouble and keeps us from praising Him.

I love life. And I want a life that He intended for me. I wake up every day thanking Him and giving Him peace of my day so that He knows I am trying to be in sync with Him. And praising Him.

My day are perfectly in tune with how I live and learn to live with His guidance. I thank Him for his guidance and gifts that He showers onto me daily.

I love Him to my perfection of how God had created me, in body and soul.

At the end of the day, I want to thank God for the perfect bread and body that He had created to give me the understanding to the length of day; To love myself, His creation, and to love others, His Creatures.

I love Him very much in everything that I do and put effort in. I only hope that He sees my intentions as His gifts that He has made. And I only want to see Him with happiness and joy, in seeing what I do and intended to do.

Please forgive me for my troubled time. It is Your thoughts that You carried me, and I wish to be with You forever and always.


Thank you.



Most of us are living in reference to the past. And right now, I refer to yesterday as my past. And today is my present. And tomorrow is my future, even though it is too close to my present for me to see my dreams and goals in it.

I have trouble with living in the present if I keep on reference to the past. But my past memory is so poignant that it is not easy to let go. And right now, I am not sure what is best for me. And my husband, as great as he is, is listening since there are things that cannot be prevented for, at the moment.

I can pretend the past is the past and continue to work on my goals and purpose here. However, there are things that still go on in my life from the past that is hard to remove since I can referred my memory back. And I don’t really like that. I want to enjoy being more positive and optimistic to my present.

It is nice that I have done what I can from the past to have much, if any, regrets. I hate regrets!!! That means I would stay up nights thinking about it, instead of having my nice, greatly deserved sleep. And right now, I seem to sleep quite abundantly.

I worry what my life would be if I just erased what happened yesterday and working on tomorrow. So that in a sense, we are the future of the present or yesterday. It is manageable if it is within proximity of my control. There is nothing I can do if I am living thinking about it; and I don’t mean moping and soping about the past.

There is nothing I can do right away based on what I am saying; but doing what’s best to keep me happy. However, I am really hopeful that my husband and I can find great solution for us on this topic of referencing past memory. So that we can release all of our negative energy and thoughts, and focus on the happiness of our future.

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