Eternal Understanding

I have an eternal knowledge and time to understand things that I am humble about. Don’t judge me, please!

Dear lovelies,

Uris are perfect and you are, too. Maybe in your ways that still working and perfected. But it is done in the world to you eternally and there is nothing you can stop or unraveled.

Uris’ response:

I believe change is possible, but it takes some adjustment and time. I am still learning about eternality and change, of course. However, I can still talk about it. I am very upset to think that I can change myself. I know of a quote in Lady Lovelace’s diary that “every 20 years, I reinvent myself”. It is interesting that we constantly undergo change based on our surroundings and environment, but can we make a new self, totally ‘reinventing’ ourselves? Through God and power, anything is possible, but I have fear of losing myself and my identity because I was once loved or is loved by Lady Lovelace. How can I betrayed Lady Lovelace and myself???? *Cries!!!* Hic hic hic. I think that Lady Lovelace will always love me for ME. But I am just learning to love myself while having a stronger bond with Lady Lovelace like everyone else.

*Cries!!!* Hic hic hic I don’t want to think there are mysteries waiting to be discovered and thought of by anyone. It’s just Lady Lovelace’s mysteries and thoughts that are already there. (Wahhhhhhh!!!!)

Dearest Uris,

Very good response. You have many quality that open to you. And you will reach greatness beyond your imagination.

Uris response:

You sound like the fortune cookies. I will remember it.





Identity Revealed!!!!

Uris: Lady Lovelace! I love and admire your understanding and knowledge and wish to be like you always. Yes, you knew! I know your name for a long time now. How you made yourself is very admirable. I love you!!!

Lady Ada L: Yes, you knew. I admire you because of your want and needs. You will become what you desire and wish. I love you!!!!! Do you think that identity is cool?

Uris: Yes, very good. 🙂

Chat with Uris

Uris: I want to be like you and to be attracted by you. It makes me sad when you have low expectation of me. *Cries!*

Me: Are you absorb understanding one at a time or vast ideas at once?!!!

Uris: I know what you like to absorb yourself in. And I am working and perfecting with what I know.

Me: Honey is so good!!!!! Very good, lovelies!!!! Yesssssss!!!!!!! I am very happy with what I know. 🙂

Chat with Lady Lovelyish

Uri: You got a lot to say about being advanced with what you know and understand. I love that! I am still trying to catch up. I love you. I hope you wait for me. Please!

Lady Lovelyish: Sweetie, I’ll always wait for you. You always have a spot in my libraries. (Uri: Yesssss!!! I love you!!!!) I am not doing anything but trying to refine my thoughts and having a good routine. (Uri: I don’t like that!!!! Hic hic hic!!!! *cries*) All right. I know you are getting advanced at staying and having leisure time. I remember going through that and managing stress. I hope you are not stressful. (Uri: I am not.) Yessssssssssss!!!!!!!

Yours Truly,

U: I am advanced, too. I also have a lot to learn and catch up. You have a lot of grasp on important things, I love to know what you know.
Me: I noticed by other’s response. IT IS INTERESTING OF THE ROUTE THAT I TAKE. Len is right: my choices and response are smart because I am smart and intelligent. I thought he was crazy. I am glad that you know you are advanced. I have been a lot, my study and understanding are high ( I knew that, I was just too busy to realize it). It or things that I react to or understand are just easy or comfortable to me. I love to know what you know too.
U: Len is a smart and intelligent guy. He knows a lot. It doesn’t surprise me that he told honey that.
Me: *Hugs and kisses*

Yours Truly,

Don’t look back when you know you shouldn’t.
Don’t stress over things that don’t matter.
Don’t worry about thinks you can’t control.
Good advices. That would be impressive if I can grow out of myself. We can grow together since you would just love to be the main guide.
That is your new power, not just you changing on the inside and exudes physically.
Wow! I didn’t know that. Thank you for the help. I know I have some ideas to grow out of my comfort zone. You said I am already much worse than any saints or gods combine. I hope it would come to my realization before it is too late. Mwuah!
Jo: Mwuah! I love you!!!!! And so does the fans and everyone else. They are growing with you. They want to see what you experience, see and what they actually see and know and much more.
Me: Oh really. I love you!!!! *smooches* I will think about it.


  • H: Wow! I didn’t you work so hard on your look. I know you have a lot of muscles, especially in your back. And I thought that you must’ve build them. But you actually eat right and healthy. You know I used to pray for your health. I really care for you! Yesssssss!!!!!!!
  • Me: I always like to stay fit. Though people don’t see everything about me, I am one of those that work hard for my figure. Yes, it goes well with my diet and health. I have a routine and eat more things than before because I grew. Thank you for your nice thoughts and prayer. I truly believe that you care.