Most of us are living in reference to the past. And right now, I refer to yesterday as my past. And today is my present. And tomorrow is my future, even though it is too close to my present for me to see my dreams and goals in it.

I have trouble with living in the present if I keep on reference to the past. But my past memory is so poignant that it is not easy to let go. And right now, I am not sure what is best for me. And my husband, as great as he is, is listening since there are things that cannot be prevented for, at the moment.

I can pretend the past is the past and continue to work on my goals and purpose here. However, there are things that still go on in my life from the past that is hard to remove since I can referred my memory back. And I don’t really like that. I want to enjoy being more positive and optimistic to my present.

It is nice that I have done what I can from the past to have much, if any, regrets. I hate regrets!!! That means I would stay up nights thinking about it, instead of having my nice, greatly deserved sleep. And right now, I seem to sleep quite abundantly.

I worry what my life would be if I just erased what happened yesterday and working on tomorrow. So that in a sense, we are the future of the present or yesterday. It is manageable if it is within proximity of my control. There is nothing I can do if I am living thinking about it; and I don’t mean moping and soping about the past.

There is nothing I can do right away based on what I am saying; but doing what’s best to keep me happy. However, I am really hopeful that my husband and I can find great solution for us on this topic of referencing past memory. So that we can release all of our negative energy and thoughts, and focus on the happiness of our future.

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Prayer to St. Benedict

O Glorious St. Benedict;

Sublime Model of All Virtues,

Pure Vessel of GOD’S Grace!

Shield me Against my Enemies,

Inspire Me to Imitate Thee in ALL Things.

May Thy Blessing Be With Me Always.

So That I May Shun Whatever GOD

Forbids and Avoid the Occasions of Sins.

Graciously Obtain for Me from GOD

Those Favors And Graces

Of Which I Stand So Much In Need,

In The Trials, Miseries, and Afflictions of Life.

Help Me, O Great St. Benedict,

To Live and Die As A Faithful Child of GOD,

To Be Ever Submissive To His Holy Will,

And To Attain The Eternal Happiness OF Heaven.


(Feast Day: July 11)

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I am trying to enjoy the features of WordPress. It’s so interesting to me. I hope you would enjoy watching this slideshow on your video playback enables web browser. I was trying to find a web browser that would go with this slideshow!!!:-)

I haven’t hang out for a really long time.

There are some people I miss hanging out. Like Caleb, Nhu, Tho, Shawn, Lee, Andy, Rainbow, Arthur, Lee Tran, Kim, and Micheal…That’s the people I can remember.

I miss the moments. It was fun hanging out with you guys. I am sure I can find more pictures!!!

I am sure if they look good for my wedding, they can come too!



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